Our newest sock yarn base!
Its wool part is a very soft non super wash wool and the durability is enhanced by polyamide, so it’s ideal for socks that are worn frequently. The polyamide is biodegradable and because it’s non superwash, the environmental load is smaller compared to conventional sockyarn.
By composting, biodegradable polyamide becomes completely soil in a few years.

The yarn is very smooth to touch, elastic and easy to knit, and you can enjoy the fluffy and chewy knitted fabric. It’s a little thicker than a normal sock yarn, so the knitted fabrics are neatly arranged and easy to knit. Although it is non-super wash wool, it is very smooth, so it is recommended for baby wear, neck accessories, and sweaters.
We are offering 100g and 50g skeins.

Material: 80% Wool, 20% Polyamide
Weight: Fingering
Meterage/weight: 366m(400yds)/100g
Needle size: 2-3mm
Care: Hand wash in luke warm water. Dry flat lying.

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