About Mominonki Yarn

Hello, my name is Chihiro! I’m from Hokkaido, the northernmost island of Japan.

I’ve loved colours since I was a child and I still do. Colours illuminate my life, and yarn is keeping it together. I came to dyeing through knitting socks, and I started very small, doing it in my kitchen.

In 2017, together with my partner, Lasse, we established Mominoki Yarn. We like to live and work together and we hope that our yarn and colours are inspiring to other people, and let you start dreaming!

Mominoki Yarn

It makes us happy, if you’re loving and wearing your knitted clothes a long time. We have wool that originates from Germany and Finland. It’s untreated and natural, spun in local spinning mills, and it’s a valueable, genuine yarn. Knitted clothes will tell their own tale. Our sock yarn was my first yarn that I dyed and marketed, and I’m still so in love!

The Mominoki Name

“Mominoki” means fir tree in Japanese. With its slow growth and evergreen needles, it stands for endurance and constancy. It’s deep-rooted and may get very tall. Lasse planted a fir tree in the garden when he was a child and we liked it a lot. Unfortunately it overturned in a storm, but it will live on in Mominoki Yarn!

Chihiro & Lasse