About Chihiro

Hi, I’m Chihiro! I come from the northernmost island of Japan, Hokkaido.

I’ve loved colors since I was a child, and nothing has changed. Colors brighten up my life and the yarn holds it together! I got into dyeing through sock knitting and started very small in my kitchen. Together with Lasse, my partner, I founded Mominoki Yarn in 2017.

We want to live and work together, and we hope that our colors and yarns will inspire you and make you dream.

If you love and wear your knitted things for a long time, that makes us happy!


Our yarns

Our pure wool yarns come from Germany and Finland, are natural and have been spun in small local spinning mills. It is valuable, authentic yarn and the knitted things speak for themselves.

I am still in love with our sock yarn, which was my first yarn that I dyed and sold!

Our name

Mominoki means “fir tree” in Japanese. With its slow growth and evergreen needles, it symbolizes endurance and constancy. It is deeply rooted and can grow very large.

Just like a fir tree, Mominoki Yarn is supposed to be.


Etikett mit Mominoki Yarn Logo
Chihiro packt Finnwool aus

Hand-dyed with care and love

Preparation for dyeing begins with the raw wool bundles that arrive at the studio being carefully prepared for the dyeing process. Wool with a lot of grease and dirt is washed thoroughly.

To ensure that it is dyed cleanly and evenly, the employees work together with combined forces and a lot of motivation.

The dyed yarns are dried and wound into skeins. A label finally completes the Mominoki Yarn product.

Mominoki Yarn’s hand-dyed yarns are treated with the utmost care, from dyeing preparations to hand-labeling, to provide our customers with the best possible knitting experience.

We are looking forward to dyeing for you!