Notes on the characteristics and care of naturally dyed yarns

Naturally dyed yarns, like GERMAN MERINO and RAMIE SILK NATURAL, are compared to conventional acid-dyed yarns more sensitive and less colour-fast.

Please note that:

  1. Sunlight, sweat and frequent washing may fade away the colours. Some plants produce less fast colours than others.
  2. Especially when knitting with strong colours there‘s the possibility of getting coloured fingers and needles.
  3. Rubbing,sweating or moisture may cause the colour staining to skin or other textiles.
  4. Naturally dyed yarns are sensitiv to acidic or basic solutions and may change the colour of the yarn by contact.


  1. Please wash completed clothes seperately by hand in luke-warm water using neutral soap. The clothes may bleed for the first few times.
  2. Dry flat lying in the shadow.

We wish you a lot of fun with our naturally dyed yarns!