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muka | 霧花 – frost flowers designed by eri shimizu – is an irregular trapezoidal shawl that she designed with an image of winter sky. It is worked sideways, starting from one edge, while dots looking like snow flakes are added, to the other edge. Then stitches are picked up from the bottom edge for a border and frost flower lace is worked in mohair yarn.

For the lace pattern you can change the number of vertical repeats to your liking.

The pattern is not included in this Kit. You can purchase the pattern on Ravelry.

More information about muka on ravelry.

Amount of yarn
Sock Fine 4ply : 1 skein
Silk Mohair : 1 skein for 1,5 repeats of lace pattern or
2 skeins for 2 or 2,5 repeats of lace pattern

The sample is shown in 2,5 repeats of the lace pattern.
Please select the number of Silk Mohair.

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