Our German Merino wool is airy, light and simply feels good. The knitted pieces are durable, warm and look very natural.
Suitable for all projects, especially for cuddly warm sweaters and winter clothes.

The natural merino wool comes from the foothills of the Alps in southern Germany and has also been spun there in a small family-owned spinning mill. Thus, from the rearing of the sheep to the dyeing, it has been produced entirely within Germany. The wool is completely natural.

The spinning mill has been family-owned for three generations and obtains the wool from the regional shepherds in the area.
It attaches great importance to sustainability and regionality, the wool waste that accumulates during spinning and preparation, for example, is pressed into pellets and can be used as organic fertilizer. The whole farm is also heated with climate-neutral wood pellets.

The sheep are out and about in the meadows of the foothills of the Alps and are only kept in the barn when there is too much snow and after shearing until the fur has grown back sufficiently. When they are outside, they change meadows several times a day. It is common for farmers and landowners to let the sheep out into their meadows, this fertilizes and keeps the grass short!


100% Virgin wool (Merino wool)

German Merino – Heavy DK-Worsted
German Merino Light – Sport-DK

German Merino – approx. 230m/100g
German Merino Light – approx. 340m/100g

Needle size:
German Merino: 3 – 4,5mm
German Merino Light – 2-4mm

Seperate hand wash with lukewarm water, dry flat lying




by issuelyric Tae

The sweater knit with German Merino is oversized and thick. Though the fabric looks firm and sturdy, the sweater is deceptively light and very warm. Worked with German Merino Light, the sweater is one-size smaller with a cropped wide body, and is even lighter and more relaxed.

Yarn : German Merino (Red)
Color : Paprika

Yarn : German Merino Light (Purple)
Color : Brilliant Blue

Photo: © issuelyric Tae


Savoy Truffle Sweater

by Kukiko Inoue

Size: M

US 7 – 4.5 mm
US 8 – 5.0 mm

16 stitches and 25 rows = 10 cm in stockinette sts in the round

Yarn : German Merino
Color : Mare
5.35 skeins = 1230.5 meters (1345.7 yards), 535 grams



by Orlane Sucche

Warm up and brighten up your winter with the Kerti pullover!
Its shimmering and graphic yoke, which looks different but always pretty with each color combination, whether classic or unexpected, is also pleasant to knit, never using more than two colors per row. Knitted seamlessly from the top down, the length of Kerti is customizable.

Yarn : German Merino Light
MC : Brick
CC1 : Chai
CC2 : Dijon

Photo: © Orlane Sucche
Ravelry Kerti Kit


by Isabell Kraemer

Aphra is worked seamlessly from the top down. The back is worked in plain Stockinette stitch while the front features a beautiful texture pattern panel at the center.

Yarn : German Merino Light
Color : Hazelnut

Photo: © Isabell Kraemer