Silk Mohair Yarn Base


Silk Mohair from Mominoki Yarn is a blend of mohair and silk.
Because we use Kid Mohair, which consists only of the first hairs of the Angora goat, the fibers are finer and very soft compared to regular mohair.
Mohair fibers emerge from the surface of the knitted fabric, giving it a fluffy, light and warm texture.
By knitting together with other yarns, it gives the knitted fabric smoothness and softness.

Mominoki Silk Mohair

Material: 75% mohair (Superkid) and 25% silk
Yardage/Weight: 840m/100g
Content: 25g per ball


Snow Crocus

by Midori Hirose

The sweater is knitted together with GERMAN MERINO Light and Mominoki Silk Mohair. It is available in 12 different sizes.

The Yarn Kit are available in six different colors.

Yarn : Silk Mohair
Color : Strawberry Sorbet

Yarn : German Merino Light
Color : Chai

Photo : © Midori Hirose

Ravelry Snow Crocus Kit

Classic Ribbed Hat

by Purl Soho

Size: Adult M

Yarn : Silk Mohair
Color : Double Pumpkin
1 skein = 210.0 meters (229.7 yards), 25 grams

Yarn : Sock Fine 4ply
Color : Double Pumpkin
0.5 skeins = 200.0 meters (218.7 yards), 50 grams



by Eri Shimizu

muka | 霧花 – frost flowers – is an irregular trapezoidal shawl that I designed with an image of winter sky. It is worked sideways, starting from one edge, while dots looking like snowflakes are added, to the other edge. Then stitches are picked up from the bottom edge for a border and frost flower lace is worked in mohair yarn. (Eri Shimizu)

Yarn : Silk Mohair
Color : Blue Hour

Yarn: Sock Fine 4ply
Color : Ink